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Aperitivos / Entrantes
Hand Hacked GuacamoleHand hacked guacamole and corn chips, $13.90
Hand hacked Guacamole and Corn Chips With Pico de galloHand hacked Guacamole and Corn Chips With Pico de gallo (fresh tomato salsa), $16.50
Corn Chips with Peanut MoleWarm peanut mole and jalapeno queso fundido with corn chips$17.00
Mexican Monkey BreadBaked flat bread topped with garlic queso fundido, jalapeno, pumpkin seed salsa and fresh herbs$15.00
Fried Tobacco SquidFried tobacco squid with tomato and garlic$18.70
Beef Mogo MogoBeef mogo mogo with chipotle crema (Seasoned slow cooked brisket cooked in banana batter)$20.20
Crispy Fried PotatoesCrispy fried potatoes, red dragon salsa, jalapeno queso fundido, $14.50
Crispy Fried Potatoes with chorizoCovered with chorizo, corn, cigar onion salsa, grilled cumin cheese and sour cream$18.00
Crispy Fried Potatoes (with aioli and ketchup)served with aioli and ketchup, $9.70
Fried Potatoes with Peanut MoleCrispy fried potatoes, peanut mole and jalapeno queso fundido$14.50
Marinated Sesame CucumberMarinated sesame cucumber on a stick, $3.70
Taco Clasico (6in Soft Shell)
Market Fish TacoCumin and Corona battered market fish, tomatillo salsa, slaw and coriander$10.70
Smoked Beef TacoSmoked beef rib, cumin onion, sour cream and spiced nuts$10.70
Pork Belly TacoPork belly braised in beer, dark honey, banana leaf with fire pineapple$10.70
Steak TacoFire grilled garlic marinated steak, Ajillo mushrooms and fried capers$10.70
Lamb TacoChilli pequin lamb, sweet potato, tomatillo-mint salsa$10.70
Chicken TacoFire grilled recado rojo chicken, guacamole and peanut mole$10.70
Chickpea Doughnuts TacoChickpea doughnuts, adobo cauliflower with sesame salsa and queso$9.20
Citrus Marinated Duck TacoCitrus marinated duck leg, achiote verde, spring onions and cucumber$13.90
Taco Moderno
Market Fish CevicheMarket fish, fresh lime, coconut, green chilli, avocado and pepitas$21.50
Ora King Salmon CevicheOra king salmon, fresh citrus, ginger, red chilli and radish$21.50
Lamb & Chorizo Skewers (5)Lamb & chorizo alambres, oregano and garlic marinated fire grilled lamb leg skewers, chorizo, red …$32.00
Fried ChickenChiwahwah's famous Mexican fried chicken$18.80
Fried Chicken SaladChiwahwah's famous Mexican fried chicken with quac, salsa, rocket leaves and other little delights.$29.80
Mexican fried chicken torta (3)Our famous fried chicken sandwiched with a toasted bun, pickled cucumber and miso crema$19.50
Chilli Beefwith roasted sweet potato, camomile, honey and ground pepitas$19.20
Quesadilla Steak and CheeseBetter known to us as steak and cheese (with guacamole and sour cream)$20.50
Quesadilla Shredded ChickenShredded achiote chicken Quesadilla with BBQ guava salsa and 3 queso (with guacamole and sour …$20.50
Quesadilla Ajillo mushroom(with guacamole and sour cream), $20.50
Baby Pork Ribsmarinated in onion, garlic and spices, slow cooked, fire grilled, lashed with sticky lime$29.50
La Ensalada / Las Veucluas
Aztec Super Seed Saladwith avocado, root vegetables and fresh lime, $21.00
Salad of ice bergsalad of ice berg, greens, corn, chorizo, radish and blue queso crema, $14.00
Roasted Cauliflower Steakpomegranite, herbs, garlic and romesco salsa, $13.00
Charred Green Beanscrumbled queso, olives and green garlic chimichurri, $11.00
Roasted Beetswith avocado and habanero crema, $11.00
Ajillo Mushroomsand manchego, $11.00
Sides - Aioli, $2.00
Sides - Guacamole, $6.30
Sides - Pico de gallo, $4.20
Sides - Soft shell tortillas (5), $3.00
Sides - Sour Cream, $2.00
Non-alcoholic Beverages
Bundaberg Ginger Beer$6.60
Jarrito - Grapefruit$6.50
Jarrito - Guava$6.50
Jarrito - Lime$6.50
Jarrito - Mandarin$6.50
Jarrito - Mango$6.50
Jarrito - Mexican Cola$6.60
Jarrito - Pineapple$6.50
Jarrito - Watermelon$6.50
Red Bull$6.40
San Pellegrino 330ml - Blood Orange$6.60
San Pellegrino 330ml - Grapefruit$6.60
San Pellegrino 330ml - Lemon$6.60
San Pellegrino 330ml - Orange$6.60
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Fri - Sat 11am – 3am
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